Return Policy:

  • Kadoon Store allows you to return products within three (3) days of receiving the shipment if the product is returnable. Non-returnable products may not be returned under any circum-stances.
  • The product will not be accepted as a returned product until the customer is notified of the acceptance of the return of the product.
  • Subject to your location, it may take up to one week for the product to reach us upon returning it.
  • Once the product arrives at the storage and packing center, you have to wait two (2) business days for us to receive and process.
  • your returned product. After processing the turn process, it may take seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days for the refund to be registered in your credit card account or, in your account in case of cash payment. The value of the refund depends on the condition of the returned product.