How can I order from Kadoon Pro?

As Kadoon Pro, we strive to provide our customers with high quality and efficient services.
First, our customers must sign up to log in to our website to be able to view and order the prices of products, follow up on the status of the order, and experience all the offers that the site offers. When creating the account and logging in, you will be able to order easily by displaying the products you want to add to your basket and completing the order process
paying off.

How do I register?

Our site is specially designed to deal with the owners of spa and salons, and if there are customers who do not own salons and want to buy our products, they should visit our other site (Kadoon Store).
When you register on our site as a client, all you have to do is prove that you own a spa or salon by filling out a form when registering and by sending a copy of your establishment's trade license or municipal license (in PDF format). The registration method is very simple. You must also complete other information about your organization so that we can design the site according to your needs. Please make sure your email is correct before submitting the form.
After filling out the application form with all the correct information, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. After that, you must wait for your information to be reviewed to make sure it is correct. After verifying your information, you will receive two messages on the first email confirming your official subscription to our website. The second is to activate your account with us by setting a new password and registering
Log in, to ensure you the best services that our site can provide after you become a user on it.

How long does it take to wait for the confirmation email?
Two to three working days a lot.

What if my application is rejected?
   info@kadoonpro.com If your application has been rejected and you wish to appeal the rejection, please send an email to
. Usually the reason for refusal may be due to entering wrong information, or our inability to verify your commercial license to prove that you own a spa or salon

How do I use the products?
On the products page, there is a section for each product that describes how to use it in a professional manner, either through a video or a written description, or both. There is also a Learning Center section on our site to provide you with professional and educational information about our products and how to use them so that frequently downloaded educational blog posts are made on the site, with information on how to use our products, advice on improving your salon and much more. Join the newsletter

Our newsletter is here

You can also contact Customer Service or request to communicate with our team of specialists for accurate details of how to use our products if necessary.

Customer service is available as follows:
Phone call with a customer service representative:
Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM

WhatsApp service with a customer service representative:
Monday - Sunday: 3 AM to 9 PM

A beauty consultant is available on the live chat window:
Saturday- Thursday

How can I cancel, return, or exchange my order?
Please see the exchange and return policy page or by clicking here.
You must submit a return request and wait for us to confirm/or reject your request. You can send a request again if it is rejected. And if the return of the request is accepted, instructions will be sent to you to help facilitate the return process for both parties.

Is there a cash on delivery outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
 Unfortunately, shipping companies do not support this feature outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Are all of your products 100% original and how do I guarantee this?
We are the officially authorized dealers and distributors of all products on our website. Our products are registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and registered with the Ministry of Commerce
How many days does it take for local shipping within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
3 to 5 working days, excluding holiday seasons and major celebration days.

How much does international shipping cost?
International shipping cost depends on the weight of the total order, the shipping company, the country to which it will be shipped and the shipping time
An effective way to find out the shipping cost is to add your products to the shopping cart, then proceed to the order, and the shipping price will be automatically updated before proceeding to the final payment.