Returns and Exchanges

We will be happy to assist you in case of any issue with your or-der, but the Return and Exchange Policy will be subject to Kadoon policies, and you may submit the return/ exchange request (here) if your order is eligible to that, and:

  1. 1-The goods shall be in a good condition.
  2. 2-shall be in the same packaging plast.

    Products covered by offers or clearance sale will not be returned .

    Return Days and Periods, and Cases wherein the customer is eligible for a return/exchange:

    1. 1-Upon receiving the wrong product. You are eligible for a return/exchange provided that the product would be in its original condition with its packaging within 24 hours from time of receiving the product by contacting customer service, submitting a return request, or sending an email.
    2. 2-Upon receiving a damaged product.
    3. 3-The whole product will be return within one week from date of invoice issue. .
    4. Only 3% of total product value will be returned within more than one week and till date of agreement end (only for agreement customers).
    5. 4-Within 28 days from invoice issue date, complete products exchange is allowed except for packages or offers.
    6. 5-Within no more than sixty days from date of invoice issue, 50% only of the products are allowed to be exchanged except for packages or offers.
    7. 6-It is not allowed to exchange or return if invoice exceeds sixty days from date of its issue.

    Non-returnable products

    You are not entitled to return or exchange any of the following products:

    1. 1-Offers or Clearance Products.
    2. 2-Previously used or damaged by you..
    3. 3-Any consumables that have been used or unpacked in other packaging.
    4. 4-Any products that have no serial number or have been tampered with.
    5. 5-Any products within the specified categories including food, beverages, accessories and products related to public health and personal care.
    6. 6-Products that are not returnable for health reasons, which have been opened after delivery, or if they are mixed with other items after delivery.

    In case you would prefer a refund, please visit our page here for further information.

    Client online consent to this agreement is considered as an acceptance of it, and he may not contest it afterwards. .

    Product Effectiveness:

    • According to instructions of the regulative entities if there is no validity date on the product, the validity date will be adopted from date of opening the package, and according to what is applicable in the European manufacturing companies, this will be adopted from date of opening the package so that printed date is not subject to forgery.
    • In case of opening the package, customer shall write the date in a clear and non removable way.

    Customer shall put a sticker showing date of opening the package by him.